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About the Harmony Centre

The Harmony Centre was established in 2002. The founders, Kay Ritson and Jim McConnell, opened the first clinic in May of that year, in Commercial Road Springfield. Services offered then were just Massage and Reiki. Over the years since then, Kay and Jim have added to their qualifications and expanded the service offerings to include those listed on this website.


The current clinic is in the Gailes Shopping Centre on Old Logan Road, Gailes.

Our Philosophy

Too often today we get caught up in the pressures of living. We are always 'busy' both at home and at work. We forget to take time out for ourselves .

The Harmony Centre for Natural Therapies offers a range of services designed to ease the pressures of modern living and to improve the health of mind, body and spirit.

The Harmony Centre offers a range of evening and weekend workshops in Natural Skincare, Reiki, Nutrition,  Psychic Development and Self- esteem.

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